Bag Filter Green Line


The Green Line filter is a high temperature filter, which is developed with a special pre-separator and inlet system, and an especially large filterarea. The filter can be used during very difficult operations. The filter can operate with the following temperatur ranges; 130°C, 150°C, 199°C, 230°C og 260°C. The Green Line filter is by standard delivered with hotwater-tracing at the top, middle and bottom. Filterbags are Teldust´s V type. The Filter is delivered with scraperbuttom. The filter has a very low consumption of compressed air, when used effeciently, saving a lot of energy.

Application range:

Incineration plants such as strawburning, biomass burning, waste burning, wood and chips.

Special features:

The filter can be delivered with isolation and/or by-pass system.The filter can be delivered with CO2 fire exstinguisher.


Filtr Workowy Green Line


At Teldust A/S we are proud to be able to offer our customers a wide and varied standard programme, matching almost any filtering task. 

Our standard programme is developed on the basis of our 30 years’ of experience and comprehensive know-how. Read more.

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