Cartridge Filter SaX


The Sax filter is a cartridgefilter with a special designed intake. The intake is constructed according to the DOWN-STREAM principle. This means the intake is mounted on the top or on the side of the filter. This constructions allows you to benefit from the gravity to seperate a part of the dust amount – thereby minimizing the “stress” on the cartridge. The SAX filter is further more constructed with a current leading plate, protecting the cartridges against wear, thus giving a better distribution of the air inside the filter.The filter comes with the unique JET-X cleaning system, which provides an efficient cleaning of the cartridges. When dimensioning, one should take into consideration, that the air to cloth ratio on the paper cartridges should only be half as much, as on the polyester cartridges. In return is the area of the paper cartridges twice as high, as that on the polyester cartridges.

Application range:

All types of welding fumes and cases of dusting processes, and for fluidizing and easy-flowing types of dust.

Special features:

Various construction forms of inlet and outlet.The filter can be delivered with an Atex Zone 22 classification.


Filtr Nabojowy SaX


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