Cartridge Filter SaX EX


The principle of construction is exactly the same as the SaX filter, and the size ranges up to SaX 24.  This SaX EX filter has explosion protection according to the ATEX Directive. The filter is specially designed for Atex Zone 22 classification with built-in explosion membrane and integrated decompression channel. The major advantage of this filter is that all safety measures for protection of the piping system in front of the filter, is integrated in this filter.

Application range:

Welding fumes of all sorts. And for explosive, fluidizing and easy-flowing types of dust. The filter is also very suitable as the filter part of a central vacuum line.

Special features:

Various forms of construction for in and outlet. Prepared for explosion suppressive equipment.


Filtr Nabojowy SaX EX


At Teldust A/S we are proud to be able to offer our customers a wide and varied standard programme, matching almost any filtering task. 

Our standard programme is developed on the basis of our 30 years’ of experience and comprehensive know-how. Read more.

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