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At Teldust we concentrate on health, safety and environment

At Teldust we are aware that not only filtration and filter plants are important issues, but also health, safety and environment are very important issues.

A company with focus on the well-being of their employees, a good working climate, and a safe atmosphere, has more success in keeping their competent employees.

A company with the best views and efforts regarding environment, may well be the company that wins a new customer.

In line with the growing wealth in Europe, public developments show that the demands for environment, safety and health increase too. Teldust is at the leading edge of this development, we are constantly improving our products to meet the demands of the future. The Atex- and CE-demands in particular, but also demands which are of benefit to the environment and people’s health.

Co-operation with Teldust A/S

When you start co-operating with Teldust A/S, you are more than a customer to us, a collaborator whose results are as important to us, as to yourself.

We want you to have contended customers, who will help to retain the good reputation Teldust A/S has achieved throughout the years.

We offer you the best service, and we shall do our very best, to make you content with our efforts.

It is in our interest that you can advise your customers in the best way, and therefore we offer to assist you with marketing materials and training of staff. We welcome you at our site in Vejle, or we can visit you.


We have material for courses in filtering technology and know-how, which can be communicated to your salesmen and the customers.

Right now Teldust is active within app. 180 various sectors of industry, and we can give your our expert knowledge to your specific job.

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Teldust A/S

Bei Teldust A/S sind wir stolz darauf, daß wir unseren Kunden ein breites und variables Filter Programm anbieten können, welches die meisten Filteraufgaben bewältigen kann. Unser Standard Programm ist auf den Grundlagen unserer Erfahrung und dem umfassenden “Know-how”, welches Teldust im Laufe der letzten 30 Jahre aufgebaut hat, entwickelt worden.Aus diesem Grund ist Teldust nicht nur ein Lieferant von einer Anlagenkomponente, sondern auch ein Partner mit einer umfaßenden Expertise, wenn es um die richtige Lösung geht. Wieter...