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Our bag filters are high capacity dust collectors for efficient filtration of dust of all sorts, especially very difficult sorts of dust. The efficient and careful compressed-air cleaning of the bags, based on a high-efficient scavenging system, guarantees optimum working conditions and long life for the filter bags.

Teldust’ bag filter programme ranges from a filter area of 10 m2 in the round JeX filter up to a filter area of 1000 m2 per filter in our big ultra-low Green Line flue gas filters.

Teldust delivers round and rectangular bag filters in various designs.

Most filters can be delivered with special equipment or for Atex classification.

All fillters can be made with special equipment or for Atex classification at a special price, depending on the changes.


Through a reseller Teldust has delivered a bag filter line for Raufoss Metal, Norway. The filter has 291 bags, CO2 extinguisher, lime dosing unit, spark extinguisher and spark arrester. The plant caught fire, but the fire was put out by the extinguisher units  before reaching the filter.


Through a reseller Teldust has delivered 14 bag filters for Danisco Seed in Maribo, Denmark. The filters are used as process filter, flue gas filter and exhaust filter in the production of seeds. At the same time a central vacuum line for cleaning the production line was delivered. 

Why Choose our solution?

Every industry has specific requirements for a filter system depending on the specific type of dust.

Teldust has delivered thousands of filters for approx. 180 different applications / industries throughout Europe.

We can therefore provide many years of experience and high expertise in the design of all filter systems regardless of industry. This means that a Teldust filter systems is synonymous with high efficiency and reliability.


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Teldust A/S

At Teldust A/S we are proud to be able to offer our customers a wide and varied standard programme, matching almost any filtering task.

Our standard programme is developed on the basis of our 30 years’ of experience and comprehensive know-how. We at Teldust are not only your supplier of a filter unit for your plant, but also your sparring partner Read more...