Automatic Empying System For Dust Bin
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Our customers have been asking for a system that facilitates emptying of the dust bin on our filter units. We have therefore developed a solution that we have test driven for several months with good results.



Emptying the system consists of a screw conveyor which conveys the dust into a big bag. The capacity of a Big Bag is 1000 liters, where dust bin's maximum capacity is 50 (100) liters.


The system is equipped with a level indicator which emits a signal when the Big Bag is full. The replacement of the Big Bag is significantly faster than emptying the dust bin,. The Big Bag also hold a capacity that is 10-20 times larger than the buckets capacity, saving both working and stop times of this emptying system.


The emptying system is suitable for all filters, which are fitted with dust bin. This also applies to other manufacturers than Teldust filters.


The emptying system is a robust construction which is suitable for various types of dust. The system is built up of a frame which keeps the Big Bag.

The screw conveyor that transports dust is made with a strong welded auger with a fully welded screw inside. The screw is driven by a gear motor. The emptying  system is equipped with a control that ensures that the emptying system stops and a overload sensor gives a signal when Big Bag becomes full.

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