We improve workspace environments and reduce environmental impact


Teldust continously develops and innovates new filter solutions


Our engineers are developing customized filter solutions for clients around the globe


At Teldust A/S we are proud to be able to offer our customers a wide and varied standard program, matching almost any filtering task.

Our program and wide range of customized products are developed on the basis of our more than 35 years’ of experience and comprehensive know-how. We at Teldust are not only your supplier of a filter unit for your plant, but also your sparring partner with a comprehensive expert knowledge, to help you choose the right solution.

At Teldust A/S we want to concentrate on the issues, we are good at: Development, construction and production of filters. Our principal duty is constantly to develop better and more economic solutions as well as to advise and guide you to offer valid, workable, and economic solutions for your filtration needs.


More than 35 years of experience

The history of Teldust

teldust dust filteres history timeline

1987 – Company establishment in Denmark

1995 – Inventing SaX Cartridge Dust Collectors

1996 – Beginning of cooperation with the Polish production company Pomech and inventing Explosions – Proof Dust Collectors with International Certificates

2006 – Inventing Greenline Dust Collectors for Biomass

2007 – Purchase of the Polish production company Pomech

2008 – Inventing Cartridge and Bag Semi Off Line Dust Collectors

2016 – Inventing W3 Dust Collectors with International Certificates and Dust Collector System for Industrial Room Dedusting

2018 – Today we employ more than 90 people in Denmark and Poland