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About our company

Who We Are

 We are a group of engineers, designers and analysts who have specialiced in developing custom filter solutions.

About our company

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect humans, environments and workplaces by constant developing quality solutions.

About our company

Our Vision

We aim to build high quality dust collectors and filter systems for clean air, and healthy work environments.

Air filter units for industrial applications

Teldust develops and manufactures air filtration units to be used as subcomponents in complete extraction and ventilation systems. We deliver the filter units to contractors, who take care of installation of the complete systems at client sites all around Europe. Teldust filtration units are in operation in all burning, cutting and grinding processes in the metal, wood and plastic industry as well as in filtration related to biomass burning.

In-house development

Knowing how to design a filter unit in order to ensure a reliable operation in various environments is a demanding task. At Teldust we solve this job by means of a solid theoretical knowledge combined with many years of real life experience from more than 9000 installations.

In-house production

If you choose to cooperate with Teldust you will be in direct contact with the manufacturer. At our production site of 7.000 m2 we take care of all processes involved in manufacturing our complete filter product program – from plate to finished filtration unit. The total number of employees in Teldust is approximately 100 persons – partly in our headquarters and in our production facility.

The most flexible product program

The Teldust filter program covers a number of standard filter units. But in particular our strength is construction of customized filter units – designed to specifically cover the client needs. Based on a basic model, we customize the solution with various types of media, type of controller, optional replacement of media from dust or clean-air side, ATEX adaption for all zones, positioning of inlet/outlet etc.


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We have more than +35 years of practical experience

Teldust has over 35 years of world wide experience in producing high quality Dust Collectors and providing intelligent filter solutions. Our solutions includes products such as Fabric Dust Collectors, Cartridge Dust Collectors, FAM Products and much more.


We had the opportunity to work with different companies from various industries, and have build a great know-how and best practices on how to approach the challenges our clients face, when looking for filter solutions and clean air.

About Teldust
The history of Teldust

Company established in Denmark by Dipl. Ing. Karl-Heinz Runge. After many years working with filters and gaining experience Karl-Heinz Runge decided to create his own company of filtration solutions.


Beginning of cooperation with the Polish production company Pomech and inventing Explosions – Proof Dust Collectors with International Certificates


Purchase of the Polish production company Pomech


Inventing Cartridge and Bag Semi Off Line Dust Collectors


Inventing Cartridge and Bag Semi Off Line Dust Collectors


Inventing W3 Dust Collectors with International Certificates and Dust Collector System for Industrial Room Dedusting


Today we employ more than 90 people in Denmark and Poland


Development of a hybrid flue gas filter combining cyclone and flue gas filter technologies for a more economical solution.


Development of a filter suited for dust and gas in pyrolysis plants.


First production and delivery of a 12 bar ATEX filter with HRD System for suppression of explosions. Suited for the car industry, and industries with risks of explosions.


Development of a new series of cartridges designed for difficult dust types, and environments with oil fumes contaminating the air.


We resume development and production of spray-drying stainless filters for potato flour.


Produced and delivered the largest Teldust filter to date (SEL 329 with a filter area of 4000 m2)


Expanding our R&D department with new employees to provide a better service, develop new technologies, and increase the quality of Teldust products.


The Danish head office moves to a new location in the city of Vejle (Jutland).


Development of the upgraded 7500 filter platform with more custom options, and a total of 145 standard variations, enabling us to create offers quicker and significantly reduce delivery times.


Development of smaller-sized flue gas filters for small combustion plants and applications ranging from 400 kW to 800 kW.

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About our company

We are located in Denmark and Poland

Our head office for research, development and sales, is in Vejle, Denmark and the production is carried out by our Polish manufacturing company Pomech.


Teldust and Pomech employ more than 90 people in different departments such as manufacturing, designing, accounting and sales. We have a team of professional engineers for individual service assistance to ensure that the highest quality standards are met.


Constant development and specialization

Our company’s program is constantly being developed to meet the various expectations from our clients – This is one of the reasons why, we can realize almost any filtering task, tailored to your business.

We enter a partnership with our clients for the entire product life cycle – and always serving succesfull solutions. The companies we have worked with prefer working with us also because of our flexible terms and reasonable prices.

About our company

Number one priority: Clean air and healthy workspaces

Environmental protection is one of our main goals, that’s why, we are proud of the fact that our products and services protect our planet from pollution and help companies from around the world to keep their business clean.


If you have any questions, please contact us – we will be glad to help and advise you in any field related to the topic of dust filtration.

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