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Do you ship your products globally?

Yes we do.

How fine particles can be captured using Teldust filters?

Down to 0,1my.

How long will my dust collector last for?

Approximately 10 Years. It of course depends on the Industry and the dust being filtrated in the Filer Unit. Depending on the surroundings.

Why should we invest in a dust collector?

You should invest in the dust collectors to avoid air pollution. Air pollution damages the health of your employees, your machines and your equipment.

Investing in a Teldust filter solution, will benefit your company greatly, and will minimize cost for new machinery and sick-days for employees.

Does my dust collector need maintenance?

Yes it does.

It is with the collector like anything else. To avoid problems with you unit , it needs a service check minimum once a year.

Does there come a warranty with your filters?

Yes there is a warranty on our solutions.

However –  the warranty depends on the solution you invest in.

Are Teldust cartridge filter systems able to handle more than 2000 m2?

Yes, we are able to handle far more than 2000 m2 with several of our filter solutions.

We have a small workshop. Does Teldust also deliver small economic filter solutions?

Yes – we also deliver smaller filter solutions. We have many different solutions at hand, no matter the size of your company.

Can you customize a dust collector to our needs?

Yes. At Teldust all our filters are customized, in order to fit the exact needs of our clients.

We have many different solutions at hand, and we can easily customize any product for your filtration needs.

What types of filters do you offer?

  • Catrtidge Filters
  • Bag Filters
  • Pleated bag filers
  • ATEX filter
  • Flue gas Filters

Can your filters be made ready for ATEX classification?

Yes! They can be made ready for ATEX zone 22, 21 and zone 20.

What kind of dust can be collected with your collectors?

Any kind of dust.

We supply dust collectors to all areas of any industry – globally.

How do I purchase your products?

Please make contact with a sales representative here, or call our sales department at this number: +45 75 72 56 55

How do I find the right dust collector for my industry?

You can contact us here on our website or call our sales team directly.

If you need a fast answer, we recommend you call us and/or fill out this online questionnaire, giving us a complete overview of your requirements.

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