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    Custom Flue Gas Filter for Extracting Flue Gas in Heating Plant


    Custom flue gas filter for Danish heating plant (Linka)
    Custom flue gas filter for Danish heating plant.


    In collaboration with our partner Linka, we have developed and delivered a Greenline filter to their client, Egtved Heating Plant which supplies heating to an area of almost 200 km2 in Southern Denmark.


    This client has stated, “It was important for us to have a future-proof heating plant with the highest possible environmental profile and not just a boiler to burn wood chips.”

    To aid the client in this endeavor, Linka and Teldust collaborated in providing them with a heating plant that will eventually provide 100% CO2-neutral heat, which includes a filter to extract toxic fumes produced when burning biomass such as straw and wood chips. These toxic fumes are flue gas, which is a gas that is produced in combustion plants such as this heating plant. Flue gas contains dust, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, etc. depending on what is involved in this combustion process.

    Solution: Custom flue gas filter

    To extract this flue gas, Teldust provided a filter from our Greenline series. The Greenline filter is a high-temperature filter, ideal for incineration plants such as straw-burning, biomass-burning, waste-burning, and wood chip-burning. The Greenline filter also has a very low consumption of compressed air when used efficiently, which also saves energy. This allows this client to meet their sustainability goals as well as be cost-efficient.

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    Want to learn more about our partner Linka and what they do? Check out their website!

    Filter type

    Custom flue gas filter: Greenline 193-42-300

    Filtration area

    300 m2

    Air amount

    ~6,900 Am3/h

    Working temperature

    160 °C