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    Custom JcX Filter for Wood Pellet Production Site

    In this case story, you can read more about how we helped a wood pellet production site in Latvia decrease its dust emissions by mounting a cyclone-based bag dust collector from our JcX series. This is a specially developed solution by Teldust for this wood pellet production site in Latvia where the unit has 300 specially arranged filter bags for the wood dust.

    Lowering emissions and decreasing air contamination

    Custom JcX filter for wood pellet production site
    Custom JcX filter for wood pellet production site

    Through projects like these, Teldust is actively supporting the wood industry by helping them lower general emission levels and decreasing the amount of dust being emitted into the environment.

    This filter is designed with explosion protection (ATEX), meaning it has explosion panels and internal piping for the fire extinguishing system. We have also added a platform and ladder for convenience. This filter is one of the biggest cyclone-based units and can operate up to 45.000 m3/h.


    Want to hear more about what tailor-made solutions Teldust can offer your company to help you decrease dust emissions as well? Contact us here and be sure to visit us on LinkedIn for more news and updates.

    Filter type

    JcX 300-35/20-310

    Filtration area

    310 m2

    Number of bags

    300 bags

    Bag length

    150 pcs – 3 500 mm; 150 pcs – 2 000 mm

    Filter material

    Polyester antistatic

    Support cages material

    Galvanized steel

    Air amount

    < 45.000 m3/h

    Air-to-cloth ratio

    < 145.16 m3/m2*h

    Working temperature (gas)

    40 °C

    Flow resistance

    Nom. 700 Pa; Max. 1500 Pa

    Maximum work underpressure

    5000 Pa