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    General Industrial Dust Collection in Aluminum Plant


    When it comes to general industrial dust collection, we’re always happy to deliver. We also love when projects that had to be postponed can be revised and picked back up!

    The client & application

    Industrial Dust Collection in Norway
    Industrial Dust Collection in Norwegian Aluminum Plant

    That was the case here – and our partner, who specializes in sustainable production, needed a filter for general dust in an aluminum plant. This plant produces 204.000 tons of primary aluminum, 279.000 tons of cast-house products, and 172.000 tons of anodes annually – and such a high production capacity of course results in dust that needs to be filtered to ensure a safe work environment for employees.

    Our solution

    This project had been postponed in 2019 and was picked up again in 2021. We developed a tailormade XXL filter, which is ideal for general industrial dust from industrial halls such as this one, as well as welding fumes and easy-flowing dust types. This filter was, of course, designed to have a low Total Cost of Ownership as is the Teldust way.

    We also conducted a Factory Acceptance Test, which helps verify that newly produced and packaged equipment meets the intended standard.

    Filter type


    Dust type

    General dust from industrial hall

    Filter area

    2376 m2

    Air amount of through filter

    75.000 Am3/h