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    Stainless-Steel Filter for Potato Flour Factory

    Teldust has, in close collaboration with our partner and the end customer, developed and delivered a tailor-made stainless-steel filter, which includes a custom snap system for quick installation of filter bags and to optimize the filtration of potato flour. In this case, the filter also had to be installed at a height of 60 meters, presenting an additional challenge.

    Stainless-steel filter with new filter bags

    Stainless-Steel Filter for Potato Flour Factor
    Stainless-Steel Filter for Potato Flour Factor

    In response to these challenges, Teldust developed a new filter bag that can be changed from the dust side through side removal rather than top removal, and it can be disassembled and changed without the use of any tools. Because of this, this filter is ideal for smaller spaces that do not have room for filter removal and ideal for quick changes that do not halt operations.

    This case was an interesting challenge to solve, and Teldust looks forward to more challenges of the sort in this or other fields.

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