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    Tailor-Made ATEX XXL Filter for Metallization


    The case

    Custom XXL Widebody filter for metallization (Technor)
    Custom XXL Widebody filter for metallization (Technor)

    The end customer needed a tailor-made filter for metallization, which is the process of melting metallic components to use to apply a metal coating to a surface.

    This metal coating can serve a variety of purposes, such as protection against corrosion, increased durability, and weather resistance.

    This, of course, results in fumes and dust that are toxic to humans and the environment, and is an industry that poses a significant threat to the environment due to these fumes entering the environment. Because of this, the end customer needed a filter. 

    Our filter solution: custom filter for metallization

    In collaboration with our partner, we have developed a tailor-made filter system to lower the emissions of these fumes into the atmosphere and create a safer work environment.

    We developed and delivered a widebody XXL filter, complete with ATEX explosion relief and isolation systems, to ensure a high-quality dust ventilation solution suited to this customer’s needs.

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    Filter type

    Custom-made XXL Widebody filter for metallization

    Filtration area

    2970 m2

    Air amount

    ~ 41900 m3/h