Testimonial: Valco GmbH Germany: Service and Flexibility

Client: Valco GmbH
Client url: www.valco.de/

Valco Entstaubungstechnik
Valco Entstaubungstechnik

Valco GmbH is a German company selling dust filtration plants for many sectors of industry. Valco has, e.g. in co-operation with Teldust A/S, delivered 93 filter plants to BMW in Dingolfing, several of the filters meet the Atex Directive.

Mr. Thorsten Zurell, managing director of Valco GmbH, states that Teldust is one of his most important suppliers and his only supplier of dust filters for all types of industries.

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Working with Teldust A/S

We offer you the best service and shall do our very best to make you content with our efforts. It is in our interest that you can advise your customers in the best way, and therefore we offer to assist you with marketing materials and staff training. We welcome you to our site in Vejle, or we can visit you.

We have material for courses in filtering technology and know-how, which can be communicated to your salesmen and the customers. Right now Teldust is active within approximately 180 various sectors of industry, and we can give your expert knowledge to your specific job.

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Valco testimonial

Thorsten Zurell, Valco GmbH

“We highly appreciate the service and flexibility from Teldust, and Valco very much profits by the extensive support and expertise that Teldust can give to our projects, an important criteria of our success.

With the comprehensive product range and know-how from Teldust we have the possibility to operate in many sectors of the industry, giving our customers value for money, at the same time.”

Thorsten Zurell, Managing director
Valco GmbH