Flue gas filtration in district heating plant


Flue Gas Filtration in District Heating Plant

Filter type

Green Line

Air temperature

128 °C

The Client

In collaboration with our partner, Linka, we developed a tailor-made flue gas filter from our Greenline series to a district heating plant in Denmark, which supplies district heating to 690 consumers.


The motivation

With a heating plant that was worn down and outdated, the end-customer wanted to ensure their ability to meet environmental requirements in the coming years. In addition to this, it was important to them not to inflate future consumer prices beyond reason.


Our solution

As a response to these requests, Teldust developed a custom-made Green Line filter to ensure that the new heating plant has the ability to meet current environmental requirements, as well as the capacity to meet future requirements. Our Green Line filters are filters for flue gas – the toxic fumes released during processes like incineration and burning of straw in this case. In Teldust we always prioritize a low Total Cost of Ownership, and as a result the consumers will experience less increase in prices.


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