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About Teldust

Over 30 years of world wide experience.

Teldust A/S
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Teldust A/S

Teldust has over 30 years of world wide experience in producing high quality Dust Collectors and providing intelligent filter solutions. Our offer includes products such as Fabric Dust Collectors, Cartridge Dust Collectors, FAM Products and much more. We had the opportunity to work with different companies from various industries.

Our head office is in Vejle, Denmark and the production is carried out by the Polish company Pomech - of which we are the owner. Teldust and Pomech hire over 86 people working in different departments such as manufacturing, designing, accounting and sales. We have a team of professional engineers for individual service assistance to ensure highest quality standards.

Our company's program is constantly being developed to meet various expectations of our clients - thanks of this, we can realize almost any filtering task, tailored to your business. We partnership our clients for their entire product life cycle - always serving successive solutions. Companies look forward to working with us also because of flexible terms and reasonable prices.

Environmental protection is one of our main goals, that's why, we are proud of the fact that our products and services protect our planet from pollution and help companies from around the world to keep their business clean. If you have any questions, contact with us - we will be glad to help and advise you in any field related to the topic of dust filtration.

History of Teldust

Teldust A/S/ History

1987 - Company establishment in Denmark

1995 - Inventing SaX Cartridge Dust Collectors

1996 - Beginning of cooperation with the Polish production company Pomech and inventing Explosions - Proof Dust Collectors with International Certificates

2006 - Inventing Greenline Dust Collectors for Biomass

2007 - Purchase of the Polish production company Pomech

2008 - Inventing Cartridge and Bag Semi Off Line Dust Collectors

2016 - Inventing W3 Dust Collectors with International Certificates and Dust Collector System for Industrial Room Dedusting

2018 - Today we have 86 employees in Denmark and Poland

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