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Chemical Industry

Years of experience as a chemical dust collector and filtration solution provider.

Chemical industry is one of the most hazardous and dangerous one in terms of the waste that it generates. The chemical wastes – dust, fumes and gases that are released in the chemical plants and industries are primarily because of the nature of the products that are being used in these plants. At times some specific properties of these products are such that they release dangerous dust particles and smoke causing serious health hazards and environmental issues.

Chemical dusts can be fine or coarse, chemically hostile or explosive in nature, or it can be in the form of gas, smoke or vapour.  So treating these dusts in the chemical industry is imperative. Moreover, there are strict rules and regulations that almost all chemical industries has to meet to commence its production process. To meet these specific needs, the chemical industry require definite solutions and filtrations.

Since the chemical industry is a complex one, it demands equally complex know-how to create dust collectors and filters. There are different fields of application in the chemical industry which uses different technology and each one demand different filter and dust collector to suit its requirement. For instance, in the process technology industry, they require different filters for different stages of processing such as drying, conveying, crushing, and sieving and so on.

Teldust, with its years of experience as a chemical dust collector and filtration solution provider aids different chemical sectors with its varied offering. We have appropriate dust collectors for different dedusting processes and dust separation requirements suiting the different chemical production field.

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