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Composite Machining

Dust solutions used in the composite machining industry.

With the rising popularity of the composite machining industry, the stronghold that it has been gaining is quite evident. There has been a huge surge in the products that are made of composite supplies and these include almost everything ranging from minute articles to innovative components.

However, even the composite machining industry is not aloof from generating harmful dust particles which pose threat to the environment and people as well. The waste generated from the composite machining industry is mainly in the form of explosive dust and fibres which is created during the process of cutting, polishing or milling the composite materials.

The fact is, most of these explosive dust are minute in size and are easily susceptible to enter lungs of people working is composite machining plants. For instance, composite material like fibreglass generate very small dust particles, which can pierce through the skin and cause several reactions and skin disorders. Besides, the fluids and grease that are used in composite material production process are also prone to produce gases and elements which are equally harmful.

So like other industries, the composite machining sector also need solutions to tackle the issue of harmful dusts for workplaces as well as composite manufacturing units. Teldust covers the entire line of dust collectors and extraction products used in the composite machining industry for both low and high vacuum procedures of dust collection. Our products are designed intelligently with futuristic technology so as to cater to the specific needs of the composite machining industry. We also aim at offering our clients’ with the most durable and responsive solutions with low cost of ownership.

Teldust’s line of dust collectors for the composite machining industry ensures better-quality work environment while safeguarding the production process as per set rules and optimizing its time of operation. We have been catering to companies across globe for over 30 years. Our prime focus always remains to be the complete satisfaction of our customers. We are a trusted name that work with a team of experienced professionals who work hard to offer you high-quality products and solutions.

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