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    Tailor-made filter for extracting welding fumes

    In collaboration with our partner Valco, we have developed a filter for their client within machinery construction – a client with a welding robot and eight welding workstations.

    Tailor-Made Filter for Extracting Welding Fumes
    Tailor-Made Filter for Extracting Welding Fumes

    The process of welding can produce gases and smoke that would be harmful for employees and other people present – and because of this, finding an effective filtration solution that could extract these harmful fumes was imperative. This client did not previously have a filter, and thus needed a suction system to promote clean work stations as well as the health of employees.

    One of the aspects important to this client was that the filter was quiet – because this filter has to be outdoors and could not produce too much noise pollution.


    To extract welding fumes, we have provided a filter from our FplaV series – other uses and industries for the FplaV filters include other challenging dust/fume types, such as plasma and laser cutting, cement industry and chemical industry.

    As a solution to the noise, we developed a filter with noise casing that operates at <70 dB(A). This filter can also be used in both recirculation and exhaust modes. During winter, when the recirculation mode is used, this reduces the heating costs substantially for the client.

    The client is very happy with how quiet the filter is as well as the fact that their heating costs are significantly reduced during winter.


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