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    Jet Pulse Filter & Reverse Jet Filters

    The Jet Pulse Filter dust collectors are the most common dust collectors used for eliminating dry particles in general as well as process ventilation air. Teldust supplies suitably designed Jet Pulse Filters or the Jet Pulse dust collectors to work fine like semi off-line and like on-line Jet Pulse Filter dust collectors.

    Designed well to attain the maximum functional efficiency, the Jet Pulse Filter presents the reduced cost of maintenance and time. These Jet Pulse dust collectors are used in units for dedusting or in pneumatic transport systems. These dust collectors are also used in removing toxic substances from the working surroundings.

    The Jet Pulse Filter dust collector combines a build in a cyclone for primary recovery while using bag filters for ultimate separation of dust particles.

    The Jet Pulse filter dust collector is created from integrated components that help it regulates while retaining its flexibility in terms of size, material, filter and so on.

    Pulse-Jet Bagfilter
    Pulse-Jet Bagfilter
    Jet Pulse Bag Filter
    Jet Pulse Bag Filter
    Circular Pulse Jet Filter
    Circular Pulse Jet Filter

    Achieving optimum performance

    The Jet Pulse filter dust collector achieves its efficient performance by combining proper filter media with the right size of the filter. By using the perfect filter ratio, the Jet Pulse filter dust collector achieves its optimum performance.

    Benefits of Jet Pulse dust Collector:

    • Cleans filter bags automatically by the self-cleaning technique
    • Uninterrupted operation
    • No internal part movement needed
    • Low cost of operation

    • Quick top removal of bags
    • Strong timer controls
    • Weatherproof
    • Dust pre-separator (cyclone effect) attached

    The Jet Pulse Dust Collector is the best solution to separate material from air automatically. Teldust has been supplying Jet Pulse dust collectors with most efficient results for long now.


    3000 – 150000 m3/h (1765 – 88286 cfm)


    – Operating temperature standard up 2 to 95°C. Spec. -50 to 260°C
    – Operating temperature standard up 35,6 to 203°F. Spec. -58 to 500°F

    Special application

    • ATEX
    • FAM Parts
    • Stainless Steel

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