Dust collectors with dust explosion suppression

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Teldust offers a comprehensive selection of dust explosion suppression solutions tailored for dust collector explosion protection. Our range of offerings encompasses ATEX-certified explosion outlets, flameless explosion vents, explosion suppression systems, explosion detection devices, and isolation systems, all aimed at effectively catering to the industry’s needs.

Dust explosion suppression techniques and technology

Teldust 7500 with Dust Explosion Suppression
Teldust 7500 with Dust Explosion Suppression

Dust explosions are a potential hazard that can occur at various stages of material handling, including conveying, storage, and other phases involving substantial material accumulations. Certain materials, such as charcoal, aluminum, corn, grains, plastics, and others, possess the potential to explode under specific conditions. To prevent such explosions, our Explosion Protection Systems offer essential safeguarding for dust collectors.

We offer flameless explosion vents. These explosion vents are available with low-mass regulator plates and with low-pressure reactions. The flameless vents are prone to immediate reactions in case of an explosion within seconds. The flameless explosion vents instantly seal again after an explosion, thereby lowering the risk of a second explosion. Consequently, it also saves costly replacement charges.

Explosion venting stands as a prevalent approach within the explosion protection strategy. When implemented effectively, this venting mechanism acts as a barrier against the buildup of maximum pressure within an explosion. This is achieved by channeling the expanding gases through a predetermined pathway, effectively mitigating potential damage to industrial equipment caused by explosive events.

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