Lime dosing unit for dust collector

Other name: Lime dosing systems

Lime Dosing Units made for efficiency

Lime Dosing Unit installed on location.
Lime Dosing Unit installed on location.

A Lime Dosing Unit for Dust Collectors is a system that offers high consistency and an easy method of lime dosing to a filtration process. These units are ergonomically designed so that they can minimize physical effort while maximizing efficiency. This way of lime dosing increases the efficiency of filters.

Effective lime dosing technology

Hydrated Lime Systems
Hydrated Lime Systems

In case the unfiltered air consists of very fine dust particles, the hydrated lime warrants an enhanced separation of the filter medium surface. These units generally comprise big bag storage, bin activators, and dry product level monitoring devices.

Additionally, they also have a volumetric screw feeder. The lime dosing units are also fitted with a local system control panel with PLC or programmable logic controller.

All these units are well-tested to the highest degree in the factory. Moreover, Pneumatic conveying systems are available for these units to make their transport easy.

The big bag discharger of the Lime dosing unit is created to suit both reusable and disposable big bags.

Once this discharge is combined with the Teldust screw feeder, the result you get is a whole unit for big bag handling and measuring of solids where you can also have control over the arch-building.

Easy to install and highly efficient

Dispensing System for Hydrated Lime
Dispensing System for Hydrated Lime

Teldust Lime Dosing unit for dust collectors presents a consistent and simple method of creating lime at varying powder flows. This way you can fulfill lime demands to match different process requirements. Dry powder metering is also possible with this dosing system.

Further, this dosing unit serves as a good feeding application where you can get the feeding of activated carbon, lime, and urea during flue gas cleaning. The feeding of lime for pre-coating filter bags and cartridges is also available. The pre-coating of new filters presents better airflow and longer filter life, thereby making it a cost-effective unit. These units are easy to install and handle, and they help maintain the hygienic conditions of your unit.

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