Screw conveyors

Other name: Horizontal screw conveyors

Horizontal Screw Conveyors

Industrial Screw Conveyors
Industrial Screw Conveyors

Among the different conveyors, the Horizontal Screw Conveyors are the most commonly used ones. These conveyors help in transporting heavy and bulk materials from one area of an industrial process to another. There are different sizes and patterns available for these conveyors. The material used for creating these conveyors also varies accordingly.

How the screw conveyor works

Screw Conveyor, Mechanical Device
Screw Conveyor, Mechanical Device

The Horizontal Screw Conveyors are so designed that they can easily carry major supplies of trough loading according to the specific bulk material being carried. As per the common rule for non-abrasive and lightweight bulk materials, 45 percent through loading is acceptable. On the other hand, in the case of abrasive and heavy bulk materials, loading of 15 and 30 percent is acceptable.

The screw conveyor inlet is mostly controlled by some other device like a Filter Dust outlet, Screw Feeder, Screw Conveyor, or Rotary Airlock. Or it can also be a Volumetric or Gravimetric Feeder.

The drive unit location of this conveyor is generally on the discharge end, which is the most recommended location. From this end, it pulls bulk materials toward the drive end.

This arrangement reduces the wear and tear of the conveyor components.

Benefits of using screw conveyors

Industrial Feeder, Dosing Screw Conveyors
Industrial Feeder, Dosing Screw Conveyors

There are several benefits of using Screw Conveyors. Some such benefits are as below:

– These conveyors are the best suitable for conveying semi-fluid to dry bulk materials
– They are economical as compared to many other conveying instruments like a belt, aeromechanical, and so on
– These horizontal screw conveyors with their multiple inlets and discharge points can resourcefully distribute bulk materials to different locations
– Being enclosed on all sides, these conveyors are safe from risky, dusty, and corrosive surroundings

The horizontal Screw conveyors are characterized as best in terms of using environmentally friendly methods of moving bulk materials. At Teldust, we have gained good responses for our range of reliable and cost-effective screw conveyors. Our designs are such that they are low in maintenance while high in saving time and money for our clients.

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