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Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector

Complex proces made simple

Industrial cyclone separation is a process that eliminates minute separate particles from air and gas without using filters. Instead, they use the cyclone separation process to remove such particulates. Moreover, the mixtures of solids are separated by using rotational effects and gravity.

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The industrial cyclone dust collector is suited for multiple applications

The Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector in operation onsite.
The Industrial Cyclone Dust Collector is in operation onsite.

The Industrial cyclone dust collector, also called a cyclone dust separator, is used in industries when they want to reduce the amount of dust arriving at the filter. This is done by slightly dampening pollution in the aspirated air. Thereby, it serves as a precautionary treatment to reduce dust getting into the filter. This dust collector suits many different applications in industries like chemical, food, and Pharmaceutical. It works in biomass, process filtration, metal and wood processing, and other applications.

Efficient cyclone technology

The Industrial cyclone dust collector works uniquely by creating a high-speed revolving airflow. This airflow is created in a container in a cylinder or cone shape, which is called a cyclone. The air moves in a curved pattern starting at the topmost part of the cyclone and ending at the bottom end.

From here it exits the cyclone through its center. In the process, large particles of dust fall to the bottom of the cyclone and can easily be removed. The effectiveness of the cyclone increases with lower gas density and with a smaller outlet diameter among other things.

There are several benefits of using a cyclone dust separator. Some such benefits are marked below:

  1. Effective for high dust loads and high temperature
  2. Help in product recovery uses
  3. Serve as an economical solution to different dust collection issues
  4. Great for heavy-duty construction
  5. Present a long life in low-maintenance

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