Mobile Cartridge Dust Collector

A mobile cartridge dust collector optimally designed

The Mobile Cartridge Dust Collector is a nicely designed, compressed, and flexible piece of equipment created for standard and if need be specific use cases.

Mobile collectors are used for blast cleaning operations, shipyards, and bridges, and more. These are available with cartridge filters.

Optimal function and automatic cleaning

The Teldust Mobile Cartridge Dust Collector ready for shipment.
The Teldust Mobile Cartridge Dust Collector ready for shipment.

In the mobile cartridge filtration solution, the primary dust-laden air enters from the inlet opening of the dust collector and in the process, heavy dust particles fall into the hopper. When the air starts moving through the cartridge filter, the dust gets collected on the exterior of the filtering media.

A great thing about the Mobile Cartridge Dust Collector is that the filter cartridges are automatically cleaned even while the dust continues to function. So, even when each pair of filter cartridges is getting cleaned, the rest of them stay in operation. The cycle time of the mobile collector is controlled by an adjustable timer.

Quality, reliability, and great service at a reasonable price

Besides, the Mobil Cartridge dust collectors offer quality, reliability, and great service at a reasonable price. Moreover, they are useful for both outdoor and indoor use. This compact design machine saves space and is easy for shipping. The Mobil Collector also has the highest filter expertise.

The Mobil Cartridge dust collector with horizontal cartridges is fitted with flow-directing technology for taking the air. This technology resolves the issue of non-uniform airflows. Additionally, Teldust has invented a nozzle system that allows it to achieve an optimal dust removal effect.

This latest design of the Mobil Cartridge dust collector enables easy delivery of small footprints while consuming less energy. All these and much more are making this effective tool a perfect product that is in great demand for metal, stones, welding, and other handling industrial units. Customers appreciate this product for its simplicity in terms of usage and convenience of installation.

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Relevant industries

Special application

  • ATEX
  • FAM parts
  • Stainless steel

A bit about the solution


200 – 25000 m3/h (117 – 14714 cfm)


– Operating temperature standard up 2 to 85°C. Spec. -50 to 85°C
– Operating temperature standard up 35,6 to 185°F. Spec. -58 to 185°F

Filter solutions