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Pleated Bag Dust Collector

Pleated bag dust collector in a compact design

The pleated bag dust collector comes in a compact design and only covers roughly 40% of a normal fabric dust collector. An added benefit of its smaller size is how it fits standard container shipping, helping to reduce shipment costs.

The Teldust Pleated Bag Dust Collector on location and fully operational
The Teldust Pleated Bag Dust Collector on location and fully operational

High-performance dust collector

This filtration solution has a high filter efficiency with a filtering area between 200% and 300% larger than ordinary fabric filtration units. We use a high-performance pleated bag filter material that helps reduce emissions, achieves a dust removal efficiency of over 99.99%, and solves the difficulty of collecting adhesive dust.

The pleated bag filtration unit with vertical cartridges is provided with the technologies of flow directing for intake air. The design combines our own nozzle system invention, which helped us achieve the optimal dust removal effect.

Efficient cartridge design

Pleated Media Bag Dust Collector
Pleated Media Bag Dust Collector

Furthermore, the pulse airflow improves the dust collector’s effectiveness and elongates the service life of the filter cartridge. This combined with specially designed panels between each layer of cartridges makes the cartridge extremely efficient.

The new design, with its smaller footprints and reduced energy consumption, has become a popular choice within the metal fabrication, pharmaceutical, and bulk powder handling industries due to the reduced operations costs. On a final note, owners and users of this filtration solution appreciate how easily the filter can be transported with a forklift and its easy-to-install setup.

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A bit about the solution


3000 – 600000 m3/h (1765 – 353146 cfm)


Operating temperature standard up 2 to 85°C. Spec. -50 to 145°C
Operating temperature standard up 35,6 to 185°F. Spec. -58 to 293°F

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