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Pulse Jet Cassette Dust Collector

Our modular pulse jet cassette dust collector is the ideal solution to dust problems in a wide range of industrial sectors. It is built for a long time durability in industrial process filtration and dust collection applications and it meets the very high demand for cassettes due to its reliability and low dust emissions. It is furthermore designed to operate continuously and with a high filtration velocity.

Compact jet cassette dust collector

TaT Casette Filter
TaT Casette Filter

The compact cassette filter makes it possible to build a compact design filter suitable to separate particulate matter in both indoor and outdoor applications. It is possible to mount a fan on top of the standard model, or stand-alone remote fans can be used instead.

Installers especially enjoy the short installation time because of the compact steel construction and that it can be transported on a trailer and with a forklift.

Low operation and maintenance costs

Another great advantage is that our Modular cassette dust collector has very low operation and maintenance costs because of its simple, operator-friendly maintenance that is easily maintained through the front doors, and replacements are fast and easy to make. All these elements combined to ensure low operating costs.

Pulse Jet Cassette Dust Collector
TaT Pulse Jet Cassette Dust Collector

Cleaning is also extremely efficient with compressed air consumption reduced to a minimum because of the proven filter cassette design. The cleaning is further improved by the electronically controlled reverse air pulse cleaning system.

Filter cassette materials in a wide variety of materials for most applications are available, dependent on dust type, dust load, and efficiency requirements. And Low energy consumption adds to the reasons why our modular cassette dust collector is so popular among installers.

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100 – 20000 m3/h (58 – 11771 cfm)


Operating temperature standard up 2 to 180°C. Spec. -50 to 160°C
Operating temperature standard up 35,6 to 356°F. Spec. -58 to 320°F

A bit about the solution