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Semi Offline Cartridge Dust Collectors

A cost-efficient solution

Semi Offline Cartridge Dust Collectors, also known as Cartridge Dust Collectors with pulse jet and semi-offline are dust collectors with the classified clean air side. This dust collector functions by using pneumatic-controlled dampers placed on clean air outlets. They use these dampers to curb or control the flow of clean air that comes out of the compartments or sections.

Efficient technologies

Semi Offline Cartridge Dust Collectors (High Performance)
High Performance Semi Offline Cartridge Dust Collectors

Each section in this dust collector is fitted with pulse valves and these valves supply compressed air, which turns direct pulsating air into blowpipes placed above the cartridges row. When the cleaning cycle starts, the pneumatic damper inlet gets closed, thereby stopping the flow of the air from the compartment or section. It just opens for a few seconds to supply a rush of air to reach the cartridges for cleaning.

Thus, the compartment stays offline for a few seconds after which it opens the inlet pneumatic damper spontaneously reopens and brings the compartment back online. It thus cleans the different compartments in turn until all the cartridges are cleaned in the dust collector. Each cleaning cycle takes just a few seconds and it is termed as semi off-line cleaning.

Innovative semi offline cartridge dust collecting

Semi Offline Cartridge Dust Collectors are used for cost-effective particle emission control. Teldust offers reliable Pulse Jet dust collectors. We use the latest innovative technology to offer the lowest emission filters or dust collectors.

Dust Collector Cartridge Semi Offline Filter
Dust Collector Cartridge Semi Offline Filter

This particular dust collector is useful in industries like cement, steel, biomass-based industry, fossils, and by complicated dust applications.

We use our years of experience and research of our expert team to create innovative products to suit different industries. Our technology presents flexible operation and control.

Semi Offline Cartridge Dust Collectors benefit concerned industries by using improved cleaning effectiveness, less loss of pressure, lower use of compressed air, and low power consumption among other things.

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A bit about the solution


3000 – 400.000 m3/h (1765 – 235431 cfm)

  • Operating temperature standard up 2 to 85°C. Spec. -50 to 85°C
  • Operating temperature standard up 35,6 to 185°F. Spec. -58 to 185°F

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