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Semi Offline Fabric Dust Collector

Effective dust collection

Like the Semi Offline Cartridge Dust collectors, the Semi Offline Fabric Dust Collectors are equally effective in dust collection. The functions of both these systems are also much similar. These dust collectors are generally classified based on clean air sites. These dust collectors have pneumatically controlled dampers placed on clean air outlets, which are used to end the flow of clean air from compartments.

Aimed and built at handling large gas materials and tough dust

Pulse Jet Dust Collector with Semi-Offline Bag Cleaning
Pulse Jet Dust Collector with Semi-Offline Bag Cleaning

Efficient technology

Each of the different compartments is fitted with pulse valves. These pulse valves provide the compressed air needed to direct the pulsing air into the blowpipes in the compartments.

While the cleaning process occurs, the inlet pneumatic damper gets closed, stopping the airflow across the compartment. The pulse valve then opens in a few seconds and supplies a surge of air for cleaning the fabric dust collector.

During this process, the compartment remains semi-offline for about 40 seconds. However, this time can be short or even lengthy. Once the cleaning process is over, the inlet pneumatic damper reopens and the compartment also comes back on stream or online.

Semi Offline Fabric Dust Collector is built to handle large gas materials and tough dust

Sequentially, the other compartments are also cleaned till all the fabrics in the dust collector are cleaned. The duration of this cleaning cycle, which is called semi-offline cleaning, lasts for about 80 seconds.

The Semi Offline Fabric Dust Collector is a commendable dust collector known for its high-efficiency filtration of gases during industrial processes.

Being a very effective semi ‘offline’ cleaning, it easily surpasses the most rigorous environmental requirements. Additionally, it also offers excellent accessibility and reliability.

These dust collectors are aimed at handling large gas materials and tough dust. Moreover, they are flexible as well as economical to operate. These Fabric Dust Collectors fulfill most performance requirements in terms of economy and reliability.

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A bit about the solution


3000 – 1500000 m3/h (1765 – 882862 cfm)


– Operating temperature standard up 2 to 95°C. Spec. -50 to 260°C
– Operating temperature standard up 35,6 to 203°F. Spec. -58 to 500°F

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