Teldust 4500 Cartridge Filter

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    Description: Teldust 4500 Cartridge Filter

    Teldust 4500 Cartridge Filter
    Teldust 4500 Cartridge Filter

    The Teldust 4500 cartridge filter is a robust dust collector, containing a single cartridge. It comes with a built-in dust container, and pre-separator, and is equipped with the unique compressed air cleaning system from Teldust. The dust can be collected into a steel pan/drawer or a one-way cardboard box.

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    Application range


    The Teldust 4500 Cartridge Filter model is especially suitable for small amounts of air and small filtration tasks such as welding fumes, laser cutting, and grinding.

    The dust collector is also suitable as a high-suction dust collector, and as a central vacuum cleaner system.

    Special features

    The dust collector is prepared with rotary valve mounting and large bags for the continuous ejection of dust. It is further characterized as being useable for vacuuming up to 35.000Pa as a standard. The dust collector can be delivered with an ATEX Zone 22 classification.