Teldust 5500 Cartridge Filter

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    Description: Teldust 5500 Cartridge Filter

    Teldust 5500 Cartridge Filter
    Teldust 5500 Cartridge Filter

    The Teldust 5500 cartridge filter is a compact and fully welded construction with a big capacity, at a competitive price.

    The filter is equipped with the unique compressed air cleaning system of Teldust. It contains 2 cartridges and is delivered with a 50 L dust bin and a standard controller.

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    Application range

    The unit is especially suitable for smaller amounts of air up to 2500 m3/h, like welding fumes, plasma cutting, etc.

    Usable as a universal filter for a lot of smaller filtration tasks. Can also be used for the filtration of easy-flowing dust types like cement, sand, quartz, and other not hygroscopic powder types.

    The filter can also be used as a filterpart in a central vacuum cleaner system.

    Special features

    Can be delivered with leg extensions for big-bag and mounting a rotary valve, and special cartridges adjusted to different types of dust.

    The filter can be delivered with an Atex Zone classification