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    Teldust 3 in 1 Fabric Filter


    FplaX 166
    FplaV 166
    FpleaT 166

    In the same size filter house, it is possible to build 3 different types of filter bags.
    FplaX – FplaV – FpleaT
    Basic idea: As many m2 as possible at the lowest cost, as regards erection and transport.
    The FplaX – FplaV – FpleaT filter makes the best possible use of truck capacity during transport. That is why this filter is extremely economical regarding the cost of transport and erection.

    To find out more about the products and services offered by Teldust feel free to visit our Main Dust Collector section. Be sure to see our case stories for more on how we approach various challenges.

    Application range:

    Welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting, plastic industry, grain and fodder industry, chemical industry, cement industry, stone industry.
    FpleaT: All industries with easy-flowing dust types and fine particles.

    3-in-one - possible to use 3 different types of filter bags

    Special features:

    The 3-in-one filter can be delivered with an ATEX Zone 22 classification.
    It can be delivered with a rotary valve and big bags.

    Pressure drop over filter: 800-1500 Pa

    Incl. earth wire and diff. pressure controller
    Standard colour RAL 5010 Corr. class C2/i
    CE Marked