Teldust Flue Gas Filters

The Teldust flue gas filters are excellent choices for creating safe and environmentally friendly workspaces. Preventing harmful fumes and dust from entering the atmosphere both in and outside of the facility is key to healthy and sustainable operation. To achieve this, you need proper filtration.

Our solutions are perfectly suited for the treatment of a wide range of industrial and biomass wastes. From treating ashes and coal dust released at coal fire boilers to customized flue gas dust collectors for treating acid gasses and heavy metals, our flue gas solutions can be tailor-made to your specific needs.

To find out more about the products and services offered by Teldust feel free to visit our Main Dust Collector section. Be sure to see our case stories for more on how we approach various challenges.

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The Teldust Grey Line Flue Gas Filtration unit in Operation on Site

Teldust Grey Line Platform

Teldust Combi Line Platform

The Teldust Green Line Flue Gas Filtration units in Operation on Site

Teldust Green Line Platform