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    Teldust Combi Line Flue Gas Filter


    Combi Line Flue Gas Filter on location.
    Combi Line Flue Gas Filter on location.

    The Combi Line flue gas filter is based on the same technical principles as a Green Filter for max. 270 °C. It’s constructed with special pre-separator plates with cyclone effect but has been improved in this filter.

    Optimal design

    The construction leads to excellent and optimal air spreading to the entire filter area. This ensures a long lifetime of the filter and the filter bags, and therefore an optimal maintenance economy. The Combi Line filter prevents thermal bridges, with its octagonal shape, and is standard insulated and pre-mounted on the truck, which means much less mounting costs.

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    Application range:

    Smoke and gas from biomass industry boilers, wasteburning, and district heating stations.

    Special features:

    The filter can be delivered with by-pass system and also a CO₂ fire extinguisher

    Included earth wire and difference pressure controller
    Standard colour RAL 5010 Corr.class C2/i
    CE marked