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    Teldust Green Line Flue Gas Filter

    The Teldust Green Line flue gas filter is a high-temperature filter, which is developed with a special pre-separator and inlet system, and an especially large filter area.

    Teldust Green Line Flue Gas Filter in Black on Location
    The Teldust Green Line Flue Gas Filter in Black on Location

    The filter can be used during very difficult operations. The filter can operate with the following temperature ranges: 130°C, 150°C, 199°C, 230°C and 260°C

    The Green Line filter is by standard delivered with hot water tracing at the top, middle, and bottom.

    Cost-efficient flue gas filter solution

    Filter bags are Teldust’ V type. The filter is delivered with a scraper bottom.

    The filter has a very low consumption of compressed air when used efficiently, saving a lot of energy.

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    Application range:

    Incineration plants such as strawburning, biomass burning, waste burning, wood and chips.

    Special features:

    The filter can be delivered with isolation and/or by-pass system.
    It also can be delivered with CO₂ fire extinguisher.

    Included earth wire and difference pressure controller
    Standard colour RAL 5010 Corr.class C2/i
    CE marked

    Green Line 3D Animated