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    Teldust Grey Line 600 | 1000 Flue Gas Filters


    The Teldust Grey Line 600 | 1000 Flue Gas Filter
    The Teldust Grey Line 600 | 1000 Flue Gas Filter

    Grey Line 600 and Grey Line 1000 flue gas filters are two high-performance, low-cost solutions designed for straw, wood chips, and boilers.

    The Grey Line series of filters are constructed with long durability, easy maintenance, and a low total cost of ownership in mind.

    Highly effective and low emission solution

    Within the Grey Line filters, Teldust has combined years of experience from developing and producing small to big-size flue gas filters into a highly effective, low-emission filter solution.

    It is tailor-made for boilers up to 1.000 kW, built for fast delivery as well as easy to mount on site.

    To find out more about the products and services offered by Teldust feel free to visit our Main Dust Collector section. Be sure to see our case stories for more on how we approach various challenges.

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    Application range:

    Energy consumption drives costs. We have developed the Grey Line filters to use less electricity and less
    compressed air – both are two strong cost drivers in daily operation.

    Minimize the use of spare parts, e.g. bags and cartridges to generate less waste and minimize the TCO.

    Ensure a low emission – and support a cleaner environment.

    Special features:

    Designed for either indoor or outdoor installation.

    Easy access to filter bags and easy access to all key components for simple and hassle-free maintenance.

    Low cost, minimum maintenance

    All Grey Line flue gas filters are based on the same platform, therefore minimizing maintenance, running, and purchase costs.

    Each of the components is used in other well-tested Teldust filter solutions to ensure long durability and low TCO.

    Incl. earth wire and stand. controller
    Standard Colour RAL 5010 Corr.class C2/i
    CE marked