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    Pleated Bag Filters Dust Collector

    The pleated bag dust collector has a compact design. Actually, it can save the space and only covers a space as much as 40% of the fabric dust collector. Furthermore, it fits a standard container shipping for cheapest freight costs.

    The filtering area of pleated bag filter is between 200% and 300% larger than that of normal filter fabric bags. Furthermore, our filter has the highest filter efficiency. The pleated bag filter material we use has a very high filter performance on the surface with reduced emissions. This way we achieve a dust removal efficiency of over 99.99% and solve the difficulty of collecting adhesive dust.

    The pleated bag dust collector with vertical cartridges is provided with the technologies of the flow directing for intake air.

    Dust Collector Pleated Bag Filters
    Dust Collector Pleated Bag Filters
    Pleated Media Bag Dust Collector
    Pleated Media Bag Dust Collector
    Pleated Bag Filters
    Pleated Bag Filters

    Extremely efficient cartridge

    We have also developed a design of combining Teldust´s own invented nozzle system, with which we have achieved the optimal dust removal effect.

    Furthermore, the pulse airflow improves the dust collector effectiveness and elongates the service life of the filter cartridge. This combined with specially designed panels between each layer of cartridges makes the cartridge extremely efficient.

    Our new design that delivers smaller footprints and reduced energy consumption has created a great demand within the metal fabrication, pharmaceutical, and bulk powder handling industries because of the reduced total costs of operation. Finally, the customers appreciate that it can be transported with a forklift and it is simple and convenient to install.


    3000 – 600000 m3/h (1765 – 353146 cfm)


    – Operating temperature standard up 2 to 85°C. Spec. -50 to 145°C
    – Operating temperature standard up 35,6 to 185°F. Spec. -58 to 293°F

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