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    Push-Pull Dust Collector

    In the welding industry when bulk machineries are welded with the constant change of welding positions, it leads to change in the source of contaminants which generates toxic fumes. It is not easy to extract these hazardous welding smoke or fumes directly by extraction hoods. So, the welding units need a Push-Pull Dust Collector to extract these vapours.

    The Push-Pull Dust Collector helps in curtailing contaminants through several filter technology. The Collector also adjusts the temperature of your production unit with a fresh air feed that works automatically and thereby lowering the energy usage of your facility.

    The Teldust Push-Pull Dust Collector is definitely effective and price-worthy ways to clean air in industrial units. It comes with certain benefits. Firstly, it offers better air designs to pull smoke out. And it pushes the dirty air to the filter intake of the adjacent air cleaner by using power clean exhaust.

    Push Pull Ventilation Dust Collector
    Push Pull Ventilation Dust Collector
    Effective Push Pull Systems
    Effective Push Pull Systems
    Push and Pull Dust Collector
    Push and Pull Dust Collector

    A complete solution

    Our product, the Push Pull Dust Collector, is a complete solution that helps the environment and the employees. With the collector in place, industrial units won’t have to worry about the issue of dirty air being exhausted in the atmosphere. The Collector also fulfils the government rules and safety standards concerning these possibly hazardous fumes and smoke.

    The Push-Pull dust collector can also be termed as a Horizontal Cartridge Dust collector and Vertical cartridge dust collector. This dust collector is compact in its design and covers a very less space. It also easily adjusts in a standard container for cheap shipping.

    The Push-Pull dust collector has the capacity to remove the most difficult dust or the adhesive kind of dust. With all its features and benefits, the Push Pull dust collector is creating a huge demand in the market.


    3000 – 400.000 m3/h (1765 – 235431 cfm)


    • Operating temperature standard up 2 to 85°C. Spec. -50 to 85°C
    • Operating temperature standard up 35,6 to 185°F. Spec. -58 to 185°F

    Special application

    • ATEX
    • FAM Parts
    • Stainless Steel

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