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    Why you need filtration solutions for agriculture

    Agriculture filter solutions

    The agriculture sector is in constant need of quality equipment to keep the wheels spinning. Sadly, not all agricultural equipment is made equal. This means choosing the right equipment, especially agriculture filters for the job is a constant challenge for those in the agriculture sector.

    Keeping that in mind, the following is some information on agriculture filters you need to know.

    In the agricultural sector, typical applications for venting solutions are used in processes such as, sieving, dispensing of ingredients, bag filling, elevators, weighing areas, milling, mixing, conveyors and tanker filling.

    What is a dust collector?

    A collector is a device that’s been specifically designed for grain and dust collection and is built to handle heavy loading in grain applications, including grain drying and pneumatic conveying.

    In the industrial sector, whether the application of the collector is process related, where the produce being handled is a process ingredient, or whether the application is of handling fugitive emissions that are the result of the process, a dust collector can ensure that your staff is safe from contaminant buildups in the air.

    Why your facility needs filters?

    As a key piece of agricultural equipment, the air filters come with ATEX rated options, which means that the devices have been built to handle volatile or potentially explosive products as well. The best part about using filters is that there is a wide range of filter cartridges that are available that can handle products that are cohesive, fine or sticky.

    Benefits of dust control

    There are many key benefits of using dust control systems for the agriculture sector, such as the following:

    • Helps reduce housekeeping
    • Minimizes any breakdowns
    • Protects the environment
    • Protectsthe operators of the machinery from harmful dust

    • Protects the machinery
    • Minimizes the possibility of explosions
    • Helps improve quality of products by preventing cross contamination

    Safety of your employees

    Regardless of the type of industry you’re in, your employees are always going to be your most valuable assets.

    Business owners in the agriculture sector have a moral obligation to ensure the protection of their work force while operating heavy machinery. The dust that is produced due to the production of food and agricultural products can have a serious impact on the health of your employees. Any exposure to dust can lead to serious long-term illnesses, including skin conditions and even occupational asthma.

    According to the HSE website, there are limits in place when it comes to the employee’s exposure to potentially harmful elements, even dust, and breaching those standards could result to serious penalties and possible legal action.

    Prevention of explosions

    The use of agriculture filters can minimize the chances of explosion, which is common when handling grains and various organic ingredients. Manufacturing facilities can create dust clouds, where the dust is suspended and mixed with the air. When exposed to an ignition source, could lead to a serious catastrophe. Agricultural facilities can prevent this from happening with the use of dust collectors and air filters.

    Product quality

    Maintaining product quality is another reason why dust collectors and filters are necessary for the agricultural sector. Cross-contamination can easily occur during the manufacturing or processing and can have a serious impact on the quality and safety of the product. Since the ability to maximize product yield is important in every industry, along with having the right agricultural equipment, you also need powerful and reliable air filtration systems in place as well.

    Agriculture filter solutions

    Reliable air filtration systems

    Teldust TaT Reverse Pulse Jet Filter Cassette Dust Collector

    Prevention of Explosions

    Years of experience

    Normally the agriculture sector is not considered as hazardous for health as many other sectors like the metal or chemical industry. However, the agriculture sector also poses numerous health risks, especially for the people associated with its varied work in plants. For instance, the high amount of dust that gets generated from grains during the production process causes harm to humans. Moreover, the equipment that is used in the agricultural plants is also taken damage from dust particles.

    We at Teldust offer a great range of solutions in the form of dust collectors, which not only confirm to the industry norms but they are also of the highest quality available in the market. We are a renowned name known for manufacturing intelligent and excellent quality products. Our products fulfil the standards of safety and health conditions as well as they surpass all hygiene standards while adhering to the quality and recovery of the product. We adhere our product’s standard on the food and hygiene guidelines.

    Our range of agricultural dust collectors and air filtration solutions present the best solution for all kinds of grain handling applications.

    Our dust collectors are designed to extract the smallest grain and dust particles and can easily handle heavy loads from the grain application process. Teldust’s line of FAM products are also used for diverse applications such as grain drying and pneumatic conveying.

    With our years of experience and proficiency in filtration and dust collection technology, we have come up with an extensive range of products offering maximum optimize purification performance at a low maintenance cost.

    Our varied applications for dust collection in agriculture sector include

    Agriculture is a dynamic industry requiring a variety of dynamic products for the safe handling of industrial dust. Teldust supports the complete range of innovative and combustible dust solutions that fits the entire agriculture industry.

    Teldust: A global supplier

    Teldust is a supplier of dust collectors and clean air solutions to many reputed automotive plants across globe for them to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment for their employees.

    Our solutions

    Our solutions are not just cost effective, but we offer customized and performance-enhanced solutions for many specific needs.