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    Automotive filter solutions

    Automotive filter solutions

    Unique filter concepts and solutions for the automotive industry.

    Be it any area or industrial sector, each one has its own harmful dusts and emissions that has its effect on the environment and people. The automotive industry, which is one of the most dynamic and innovative industries also has its own challenges.

    The primary concern of the automotive industry include the issue of emissions and how to extract diffuse emission. Another prime concern is related to reusing thermal emission and optimize and economic use of energy.

    Then there are other issues related to indoor air purification during production process and smoke filtration during welding, polishing, cutting, metal spraying and so on. All these issues are such that they need attention and proper solutions.

    Teldust is one such reputed name in this field that has been offering the most intelligent dust solutions and premium quality dust collectors to suit different industry sectors.

    Teldust has on offer some of the most unique concepts and solutions suiting best for the automotive industry.


    Filters in the automotive industry

    FplaX squared bag filter - atsite solution

    Innovative solutions for automotive plants

    Teldust has offers some of the most unique concepts and solutions for the automotive industry.

    We present innovative as well as energy efficient solutions for the automotive plants so that they can have clean and healthy air for employees working in them. We also offer custom made solutions for specific need.

    We have dust collector solutions and air cleaners for:

    • For Extraction of moulds
    • For Filtration of thermal coating
    • For Extraction of central chipping
    • For extraction and filtration of polishing and grading
    • For entire welding processes like manual wielding, automated welding and others

    • For filtration of smoke and fine dust during laser cutting
    • For Filtration of oil mist during mechanical processing
    • For in- hall air cleaning and indoor air quality

    Teldust: A global supplier

    Teldust is a supplier of dust collectors and clean air solutions to many reputed automotive plants across globe for them to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment for their employees.

    Our solutions

    Our solutions are not just cost effective, but we offer customized and performance-enhanced solutions for many specific needs.