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Composite machining filter solutions

Efficient and proper dust filtration

With the rising popularity of the composite machining industry, so too has the need for composite machining filter solutions. Over the last few years, there has been a huge surge in products that are made of composite materials. These include almost everything ranging from small articles to brand-new innovative components.

However, even the composite machining industry is not aloof from generating harmful dust particles – which can pose a big threat to the environment and humans as well. The waste generated from the composite machining industry exists mainly in the form of combustible dust and very small pieces of fiber. These are created during the process of cutting, polishing, or milling composite materials.

Teldust covers the entire line of dust collectors and extraction products used in the composite machining industry for both low and high vacuum procedures of dust collection.

Composite machining filter solutions for your needs

The fact is, most of these types of dust are miniature and can easily enter the lungs of the people working at a composite machining plant. For instance, composite material like fiberglass generates very small dust particles, which can pierce through the skin and cause several internal reactions and skin disorders. Besides, the fluids and grease that are used in the composite material production process are also prone to produce gases and elements which are equally harmful to humans.

Composite machining filter solutions are essential for maintaining optimal efficiency and creating a safe environment
Composite machining filter solutions are essential for maintaining optimal efficiency and creating a safe environment

Machining solutions that are dedicated to composite materials are becoming increasingly important competitive factors in the composite machining industry. Along with the ability of composite manufacturing lines to adapt to the changing demands of the industry, there is also an emphasis on safety.

The success factor of any business in the composite machining industry is going to depend on its ability to provide the right amount of protection for its workforce. This is where brands such as Teldust come in.

Businesses can now improve work conditions in composite manufacturing lines by using high-quality air and dust filters. In our more than 30 years of experience here at Teldust, it is also not unheard of for combustible dust to hinder production lines in composite machining. Having the right air and dust filter system in place can alleviate this problem by removing contaminated air, dust, particles, and small fibers, including potentially combustible dust that can cause harm by entering human lungs while materials are being sawed, machined, milled and polished.

Harmful dust from composite manufacturing units

So like other industries, the composite machining sector also needs solutions to tackle the issue of harmful dust in workplaces as well as composite manufacturing units.

Composite machining filter solutions help you handle the various, and sometimes explosive, dust types released into the air
Composite machining filter solutions help you handle the various, and sometimes explosive, dust types released into the air

Our filters are designed intelligently with futuristic technology to cater to the specific needs of the composite machining industry. We also aim at offering our clients the most durable and responsive solutions with a low cost of ownership.

Teldust’s line of dust collectors for the composite machining industry ensures a better-quality work environment while safeguarding the production process as per set rules and optimizing its time of operation. We have been catering to companies across the globe for over 30 years. Our prime focus always remains to be the complete satisfaction of our customers. We are a trusted name that works with a team of experienced professionals who work hard to offer you high-quality products and solutions.

Why our composite machining filter solutions are great options

The Teldust lineup of premium dust collectors has been specifically designed for use in the composite machining industry. Since there is a growing danger of combustible dust entering human lungs and causing serious health concerns, it makes sense to use dust collector systems that can clear dust and other harmful particles, including fiberglass from the air, making it safe for your workforce to breathe easily as they perform their duties.

Improved working conditions

For most businesses in the composite machining industry, utilizing dust collection systems is considered critical to the entire production process. Not using one entails severe health risks that can affect not just your workforce, but can also harm production lines and can have a serious effect on product quality. Production downtime is another important area that stands the risk of being negatively impacted if the proper safety measures have not been implemented. The best part about using dust collection systems is that they can be used in a variety of production processes to improve the air quality of composite manufacturing lines.

Eliminate health risks with our dust collectors

If you value the health of your workers then you are going to need the Teldust dust extraction system to make sure all of your workers are safe while they operate in composite machining lines. The Teldust dust extraction systems offer a full range of high-performing vacuum dust collection techniques. Thanks to the advancements in technology, businesses in the composite machining industry can find products that are designed to their specific requirements. The extensive dust collector systems that are available today are a result of years of product development and the discovery of state-of-the-art dust extraction solutions that are specific to what is required in composite manufacturing lines.

Dust collection systems are a crucial component of any composite machining process. To find out more about the products and services offered by Teldust feel free to visit our Main Dust Collector section. Be sure to see our case stories for more on how we approach various challenges. Come by LinkedIn for more news and updates.

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