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    Energy & industrial processes filter solutions

    Energy & Industrial Processes

    Safe and environment friendly products

    Practically almost every industry or manufacturing unit produces some kind of dust and fume, which is hazardous for human as well as the environment. For years, mankind had faced the challenge of treating industrial and Biomass wastes. To use wastes to create energy was something unconceivable once. But not anymore, this concern has been getting addressed positively with the help of technology that is used to destroy wastes. The process of destroying wastes generates heat which has multiple uses.

    In one way these solutions are giving easy way out to tackle the issue of industrial wastes because the resultant heat is getting used in boilers and economizers or for producing electricity and much more. However, in the process, it is releasing dust and fumes, which are again hazardous for the environment. And it is very important to treat this smoke and dust that results from this chemical burning process before it gets released in the air.

    Teldust is an experienced and professional solution provider of high quality products which help is treating fumes and residues to purify the atmosphere.

    Energy & Industrial Processes
    Energy & Industrial Processes

    Intelligent technology for dust separation

    We are an international brand and a supplier of quality solutions such as Dust Collectors, Dust Filtration, Clean Air Solutions and Industrial Air Cleaning Technology made by Teldust are flexible and using intelligent technology for dust separation. Our products caters to the need of waste-to-energy (WTE) units by making them safe and environment friendly.

    We are a professional solutions provider offering machineries to capture the ashes or the coal dust which is released at coal fire boilers. We also have a range of customized Flue Gas Dust Collectors for treating acid gases and heavy metals.

    With 30 years of experience as a provider of best dust collectors and intelligent dust solutions, we have been helping industries and organizations across globe to protect their employees as well as the environment from hazardous dust, fumes and smoke. We don’t believe in merely supplying filters to our clients, rather our team of experts with their comprehensive knowledge help you choose the right solutions that last long and serves best while generating the minimum cost of ownership.

    Teldust: A global supplier

    Teldust is a supplier of dust collectors and clean air solutions to many reputed automotive plants across globe for them to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment for their employees.

    Our solutions

    Our solutions are not just cost effective, but we offer customized and performance-enhanced solutions for many specific needs.