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    3 in 1


    FplaX 166
    FplaV 166
    FpleaT 166

    In the same size filter house it is possible to built in 3 different types of filter bags.
    FplaX – FplaV – FpleaT
    Basic idea: As many m2 as possible at the lowest cost, as regards erection and transport.
    The FplaX – FplaV – FpleaT filter makes the best possible use of truck capacity during transport. That is why this filter is extremely economic regarding cost of transport and erection.

    Application range:

    Welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting, plastic industry, grain and fodder industry, chemical industry, cement industry, stone industry.
    FpleaT: All industry with easy flowing dust types and fine particles.

    3-in-one - possible to use 3 different types of filter bags

    Special features:

    The 3 in one filter can be delivered with an ATEX Zone 22 classification.
    It can be delivered with rotary valve and big bag.

    Pressure drop over filter: 800-1500 Pa

    Area filterbagsm2125157188219250281312425
    Number of bags in polyester/UNI-P = pleated bag166166166166166166166166166
    Airflow min/maxm3h4900/220006100/272007300/310008600/340009800/3700011000/4080012200/442007200/22200
    Max. low pressurePa50005000450045004000400040005000
    Height x Width x Depth FplaXmm4900x2600x29005400x2600x29005900x2600x29006400x2600x29006900x2600x29007900x2600x29007900x2600x29004900x2600x2900
    Height x Width x Depth FplaVmm6900x2600x29007400x2600x29007900x2600x29008400x2600x29008900x2600x29009400x2600x29009900x2600x29006900x2600x2900
    Weight nett/grosskg1550/25001750/28002000/30002250/33002500/38002800/42003200/48001800/2800
    Electrical connectionV/Hz/A230/50/6230/50/6230/50/6230/50/6230/50/6230/50/6230/50/6230/50/6
    Comp. air consumption/max pressureNm3/min/bar0,1-0,3/80,1-0,3/80,2-0,5/80,2-0,5/80,3-0,8/80,3-0,8/80,3-0,8/80,3-0,8/8

    Incl. earth wire and diff. pressure controller
    Standard colour RAL 5010 Corr. class C2/i
    CE Marked