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Metal-based Industries filter solutions

Best solutions and services for metal-based industries

The metal-based industries do pose a significant threat to the environment by causing air pollution from fumes and dust. The process of manufacturing various ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys and metal forming processes as well as metal casting causes pollution and dust in the air.

The foundry industry and its allied industries also suffer a setback due to air loaded with dust that causes damage to the surrounding and to the people working in such environments. Smelting units like crucible furnaces and casting in a crucible, even the shakeout stations causes dust in the air.

Unique concepts and solutions for the automotive industry

We present innovative and energy-efficient solutions for the automotive plants so that they can have clean and healthy air for employees working in them. We also offer custom-made solutions for specific needs.

Teldust offers the best dust filtration solutions for metal-based industries.
Teldust offers the best dust filtration solutions for metal-based industries.

Teldust has the most intelligent and reliable Fabric dust collector and cartridge dust collector Installations available for the cupola and induction furnaces where the melting of metal takes place. These bag filter and cartridge filter installations are designed as per the existing Teldust installations with guaranteed consistent long-term performance and low maintenance costs.

Teldust’s high-quality Fabric Dust Collectors or Cartridge dust collectors are best suited for the Shake-out and sand handling units.

To find out more about the products and services offered by Teldust feel free to visit our Main Dust Collector section. Be sure to see our case stories for more on how we approach various challenges.

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  • Exhaust air collection
  • Cupola furnaces
  • Smelting furnaces
  • Casting lines

  • Shakeout stations
  • Casting coolers
  • Casting-cleaning
  • Sand recovery

Teldust: A global supplier

We also offer bag and cartridge filter options for sand plant operations depending on the permissible conditions and requirements. In case of ancillary operations such as dressing, fettling or burning, the best option is to use Teldust’s cost effective Greenline Series.

Our solutions

At Teldust, our experienced engineers with keen professionalism loves to take up challenges and solve them to tackle every customer’s need. We welcome our clients’ feedback, suggestions and are open in our communication with them.

Quick delivery

With more than 7000 existing filtration configurations to use as template, we can have your industrial solution designed and manufactured efficiently and quickly with reduced delivery time.