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Surface treatment filter solutions

Efficient solutions for industries working with surface treatment processes

Surface treatment requires proper filtration to handle harmful fumes and dust from thermal spraying.
Surface treatment requires proper filtration to handle harmful fumes and dust from thermal spraying.

The surface treatment industry mostly works at removing, adding, or even chemically altering surfaces. Industries use surface treatment to improve the surface properties of mechanisms. Surface treatment is used in the process of metalizing or thermal spraying.

Thermal spraying is the process of coating, which is done by using a coating material along with a heat source. This coating material can be pure metal, alloy, or ceramic available in the form of powder, wire, or ceramic rod melted into drops and sprayed on different surfaces at high speed. This process is also followed in plasma spraying.

Depending on the process as well as the materials used, thermal spraying generates fumes.

Capturing hazardous fumes

These fumes contain particles that are smaller than a micron and they make the process of dust collection quite difficult. So, it takes efficient means of systems and solutions to collect fume in most metal industries. Teldust is a regular and established supplier of such filters and cartridge dust collectors that safely captures fumes created during the process of metalizing.

Solutions for current and future demands

Teldust helps employers to keep their premises free of metal dust and hazardous mist and other forms of dust and substances which cause health and environmental hazards.

We offer solutions to fulfill the current and future needs of surface treatment and metalizing processes.

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