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Mineral processing filter solutions

We offer a full range of mineral processing filter solutions

In many mineral industries, dust generally is produced when raw materials are crushed as well as during the process of handling, dumping, and transporting raw materials. Dust collectors help to control dust emissions by using several dust collection applications. Dust collectors help to capture dust from mining or processing units where raw materials like rock, stone, glass, and ceramic are processed.

We offer a wide range of mineral processing filter solutions.
We offer a wide range of mineral processing filter solutions.

With years of experience, Teldust has created a full range of products to collect dust in the mineral processing industry. We offer intelligent and reliable solutions which are cost effective and suit the industrial mineral sector best. Our products are carefully designed to accommodate any application in the cement, lime, plaster, glass, and ceramic industry.

Even in the case of raw material categories such as clay, cement, asphalt, and concrete, the raw materials cause hazardous levels of dust. And to collect and remove such dust particles, these plants need well-equipped dust collectors which can easily handle moderate to heavy dust levels. In the case of materials like clay, the milling process creates exceptional dust hazards.

Filtration challenges in the industry

So it requires highly engineered systems like pulse jet dust collectors for cleaning heavy masses of dust concentrates. In the cement processing industry, the huge mass of dust that is created in the processing units is widespread.

Here, each stage of production generates dust ranging from mining, shipping, and getting the finished product. There are challenges in controlling this dust in each of these stages.

Likewise, in the case of commercial glass manufacturing glass is crushed and mixed with other melted products to create diverse items. The process of glass manufacturing creates the challenge of collecting minute dust particles in the processing units to safeguard the health of the people working in them.

Cost-effective solutions

At Teldust, we have an entire range of exclusive and cost-effective solutions for your dedusting problems. Our solutions are reliable and developed carefully to suit the problem of raw materials like clay, glass, and cement among others.

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Teldust is a supplier of dust collectors and clean air solutions to many reputed automotive plants across globe for them to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment for their employees.

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Our solutions are not just cost effective, but we offer customized and performance-enhanced solutions for many specific needs.

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