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Food and pharmaceutical filter solutions

Customized solutions for two demanding industries

Teldust supports both the food and the pharmaceutical industries with its modern, resourceful, and state-of-the-art dust collector systems and filtrations for their production process. We offer dust collectors that are food safe and customized to suit particular requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industry.

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Customized solutions

For both the food and pharmaceutical industries, having a clean and hygienic production process is a must. The production process of the food and pharmaceutical industry needs to be free from any kind of dust and diffuse releases.

For both the food and pharmaceutical industries, having a clean and hygienic production process is key. This requires a proper filtration solution to achieve.
For both the food and pharmaceutical industries, having a clean and hygienic production process is key.

Practically all sectors of industrial production pose some or the other threat to the workers, infrastructure, and most importantly the environment. So the challenge for these industries lies in making the surroundings as safe as possible for employees and the overall environment by utilizing clean and efficient means.

Proper filter solutions for food and pharmaceutical industries

The pharmaceutical industry needs proper dust filtration to maintain high levels of hygiene and efficiency.
Pills produced by a pharmaceutical company. For illustrative purposes.

The food industry is a potentially dynamic sector covering a diverse portfolio of products. The food industry is one such sector where transparency, purity, and cleanness are highly stringent along with the cautious use of energy resources.

Besides food, another very important industrial sector is pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals are among the key sectors for generating research-based and high-end products. The pharmaceutical industry has to constantly cater to the latest innovations and technologies, which requires them to stay abreast with efficient and competent manufacturing processes.

Our products include:

  • Dust collectors for workplace
  • Dust collectors and extractors for machines
  • Filtration for explosive protection

  • Filtration for gas and oily substances
  • Dust collectors for production unit of tablets
  • Dust collectors and suction machines for laboratories

Teldust: A global supplier

Teldust is a supplier of dust collectors and clean air solutions to many reputed automotive plants across globe for them to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment for their employees.

Our solutions

Our solutions are not just cost effective, but we offer customized and performance-enhanced solutions for many specific needs.

Quick delivery

With more than 7000 existing filtration configurations to use as template, we can have your industrial solution designed and manufactured efficiently and quickly with reduced delivery time.