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Clothespins made by plastic hanging on a clothesline. Processing of plastic and rubber require proper filtration to avoid harmful dust and fumes.
Clothespins made by plastic hanging on a clothesline. Processing of plastic and rubber require proper filtration to avoid harmful dust and fumes.

Plastic and rubber are two very common materials used abundantly in most industries and production processes. The product portfolio of the plastics industry is diversified. Plastics are used in diverse fields – to make products, and semi-finished elements, in the packaging industry, for creating consumer goods, and much more.

The production process of plastic uses discerning features in a controlled manner along with using fibers and additives. These properties create emissions during the production process. These emissions contain fumes, adhesive particles, and bi-products of combustible substances like carbon.

Avoid dust and air pollution

Moreover, the creation of dust during the handling and treatment of bulk solids is also something that needs a solution. Our experts at Teldust have created a wide range of air pollution cleaning and control systems, dust collection technologies, and dust extraction for the plastic industry.

Similarly, rubber is another raw material that is used to create innumerable products like household items or industrial goods. Rubber is primarily an elastomer which is a natural or synthetic polymer with elastic properties and is available in different types. The tire and tube industry is a large consumer of rubber.

Solutions to dust collection and air cleaning

Besides, rubber produces thousands of goods like toys, gloves, mats, garden hoses, boots, tires, erasers, and more. Rubber is also used as an adhesive in the manufacturing process of some products.

Teldust with its years of experience and professional team of engineers has created a wide range of all-inclusive and innovative solutions to cater to the plastic and rubber industry to solve their problem of dust collection and air cleaning.

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We have solutions for:

  • Air cleaning in manufacturing units
  • Collection and filtration of dusts from machines
  • Dust handling in raw materials

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We serve our clients in the plastic and rubber industries with custom made and tailor designed systems and solutions to serve their specific dust collection and filtration problems.

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