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Recycling and material handling filter solutions

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Recycling and material handling requires efficient filtration to avoid air pollution and harmful dust build-ups.
Recycling and material handling requires efficient filtration to avoid air pollution and harmful dust build-ups.

One of the most significant and fast-growing industries is the recycling and material handling industry. Recycling waste and composite by manufacturing products while conserving resources is very significant. And this requires efficient and ultra-modern filtration and dust collection technology.

Teldust has been a pioneer in this field and it has been creating a wide range of dust collectors and filtration systems which can be applied to numerous applications in the recycling and material handling industry. Our products offer constant productivity and help improve the efficiency of the recycling plants.

Recycling and material handling create different dust types

Dust collected in recycling facilities can be any kind of material. Some of these might be flammable or might be susceptible to a dust explosion.

The recycling and material handling industry uses domestic wastes or plastics, fibrous material or metals, and rubber or waste paper – all these require technology to suit its requirement based on the material being used. Teldust has a range of robust dust collector systems to serve the recycling industry best.

Serving old and new recycling plants

Recycling facility in operation.
A recycling facility in operation. For illustrative purposes.

We offer solutions that are designed on a flexible modular basis so that they serve both old and new recycling plants. Our solutions are environmentally friendly and competent and come at a minimum cost. We adhere to the environmental rules and regulations set by concerned authorities so that recycling business units can comply with facility compliance guidelines.

Like any other industry, it is imperative to ensure the hygiene and health of the employees of the recycling industry and to do so these industries must maintain the general hygiene of such plants.

The ban on waste dumps in many cases is a major issue that considerably affects the treatment of waste. Teldust offers technologies that help recover or save raw recycling materials for recycling processes.

Our wide industrial-scale solutions are capable of powerful dust extraction, thereby aiding the recycling and material handling industry.

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